Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully and with full comprehension.

I agree that I am a researcher wishing to do electric experimentation. I assume all responsibility for use of EarthPulse™ systems and the Information. 


If our technology and methods fail to satisfactorily enhance sleep and mental & physical performance within 90 days, please return it for refund of purchase price. You must establish and maintain tech support for 3 weeks prior to return request or 10% restocking fee will apply. If E-Stim fails you, notify us of your return within 30 days; Stim Unit will work fast.

Device should be returned to us in ‘like new’ condition.


Assessed ONLY where product return requested where no tech-support has been sought.

Once Tech-Support contact is made, we must work together for 21 days (intermittently) to exhaust our experience helping clients get expected results. (E-Stim requires you to put pads above and below your issue.) This is a two way process. You email us telling us nothing is happening. We return email with questions to which your respond. If you do not respond to our emails and return system anyway, you agree to be subject to the 10% restocking fee. Restocking-fee is almost never triggered as our clients are usually committed to tackling their health challenges. If committed you’ve got a better than 96% statistical probability of success.

If after 7 days of use, you are not seeing recognizable results please contact us for Tech-Support.

About 15% of clients need help. Odds are you won’t… unless extremely sensitive or have brain saturated by prescription meds.